Journal/ Process

Journal Entry : March 31

As I mentioned in my last post…. I don’t get to draw for myself as often anymore. I miss those nights when I stayed up until 4 in the morning, armed with my watercolors and Arches paper, letting loose whatever as on my mind. It was my form of therapy starting from the age of 14.

I have always been one to use a journal and to doodle in a sketchbook, but I never thought about combining the two things until recently when I was researching smash journals and travel journals at work. What an awesome idea to use the same space to create a gorgeously messy, scrapbooked, journal and bullet list! I’m constantly making lists, writing notes for clients, doodling illustration ideas for later, and blurting out whatever else comes into my brain on various pieces of paper, or worse…. leaving important notes in my planner. Sadly, my planner has too little space for me to add in all my other thoughts rambling around my head.

So here goes my first smash book/ journal adventure!

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