Firefly Lights

DIY, Fairy Fun

Flower Crown Fit For Freya

One of my nearest and dearest friends got married last month! I was a bridesmaid and part of all the festivities, but you couldn’t imagine the joy that filled my heart when my lovely Freya asked me to make her a flower crown for her reception. I don’t know if you noticed yet… But flowers are kind of my favorite thing. She sent me some pictures of what she was looking for and I immediately ran to the nearest craft store to pick up some supplies. Did I forget to mention she  ...

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Journal/ Process, Video

Galaxy Girl Speed Paint

This was a super fun speed paint! It’s officially festival season and all I want to do is get all dressed up. The Renaissance faire helped alleviate a little bit of that want… but  I NEED MORE. As you can probably see in the video, I didn’t  know where I wanted this painting  ...

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Renaissance Romp!

The Renaissance Pleasure fair will always hold a place near and dear to my heart. It was where I experienced my very first dress up / costume experience outside of Halloween. My mother had taken me as a very small child, which I barely remember, but when I reached the 6th grade she asked me if  ...

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